Hello There 👋 - Welcome to my “Digital Garden”.

Inspired by many, I’ve decided to create a garden of my personal knowledge, interesting things and anything that would not fit in the sphere of a regular blog.

I’ve created personal websites, blogs, and other stuff as a sort of expression of my own learning, and exposing my stupidity and naivety to the public - just letting it out there myself before they find out 😅.

So naturally i’ve begun on this conquest. The benefits i foresee, in no order of preference are

  • I use & love Obsidian already and having my local notes get directly published to my website is awesome.
  • It scraps the need to publish half-baked ideas through blogs and the friction that comes with it.
  • Writing notes in public might make me distill information better and push to better quality.
  • I just find it cool.
  • Most importantly - the philosophy behind this is succinctly defined by below quote as mentioned by Quartz, which this is built on.

“[One] who works with the door open gets all kinds of interruptions, but [they] also occasionally gets clues as to what the world is and what might be important.” — Richard Hamming

I constantly have to remind myself that knowledge is not a wikipedia dump of everything you’ve heard or seen. It has to be relevant, dense, and be worth saving, not just something that is a google search away.